Quattro Pro Top Pizza Oven

Quattro Pro Top - The oven that integrates seamlessly with your décor

The oven that integrates seamlessly with your furnishings.

The professional wood fired oven Quattro pro TOP is designed for those who want an innovative, immediate instrument and with lower operating costs. By studying the details it can be installed on any existing plan. In addition, the low weight allows you can easily move from one environment to another.

Cooking with the direct flame on a refractory floor, high 7.5 cm, spreads fragrances and flavors.The insulation in various layers of ceramic fiber retains heat for a long time thus ensuring the same performance as traditional wood burning ovens.

The flue and chiminey top in the photos are demonstrative. They are not included with the oven and are sold separately as accessories.

Available in the wood fired version.


  Quattro pro top wood Quattro pro top LPG Quattro pro top Methane
Minutes to heat up 30 10 10
No. of pizzas at a time four four four
Number of pizzas in 60 minutes 60 60 60
Average consumption 4,5 kg/h 1,35 kg/h 1,80 m3/h
Bread baking (Kg) 4 4 4
Floor area (mq) 0,54 0,47 0,47
Cooking floor (cm) 90x60 78x60 78x60
Flue (cm) ∅ 18 ∅ 18 ∅ 18
Width (cm) 115,0 115,0 115,0
Depth (cm) 89,0 89,0 89,0
Total height (cm) 72,0 72,0 72,0
Mouth width (cm) 64,0 64,0 64,0
Mouth height (cm) 22,0 22,0 22,0
Available colours
  • Silver gray
  • Silver gray
  • Silver gray
Maximum temperature (°C) 450 450 450
Weight (Kg) 195,0 195,0 195,0