Dolce Pizza Oven


Dolce is a wood-fired, direct cooking oven insert for the fireplace that can even be placed in your current fireplace.

It is compact, light and has a regular shape, features that make it the ideal accessory for either the kitchen or the hall.

The cooking surface is made of refractory material and allows brick cooking. The stainless steel dome is studied for the oven to rapidly reach operating temperature. Dolce, wood-fired fireplace oven, has a rotating door with large glass window.

The built-in thermometer allows to check the progress of cooking.


Dolce is compact, light and has a regular prismatic shape. Oven insert for the fireplace: it can be easily inserted in the fireplace or beside it near the flue. The oven floor is made of 3 interchangeable refractory tiles, each 3 cm thick.

The refractory tiles store heat and gradually convey it to the dishes. The stainless steel dome is studied to rapidly reach the right cooking temperature while using very little wood. Ceramic fibre insulation ensures long-lasting warmth inside the oven.

The pyrometer installed inside Dolce indicates the temperature in the combustion chamber. The stainless steel swivel door has a large glass ceramic window that is resistant to high temperatures. Extremely convenient for cooking with the door open and to supervise dishes while they cook.


Minutes to heat up 20
No. of pizzas at a time two
Number of pizzas in 15 minutes 6
Bread baking (Kg) 2
Average consumption (Kg/h) 3
Floor area (mq) 0,24
Cooking floor (cm) 60x40
Flue (cm) ∅ 18,0
Width (cm) 77,0
Depth (cm) 62,3
Total height (cm) 55,7
Weight (kg) 100,0
Mouth width (cm) 52,8
Mouth height (cm) 23,6
Available colours
  • Anthracite gray
Maximum temperature (°C) 400