Quattro Pro Pizza Oven

Quattro Pro - The oven that fits in every context

Quattro pro it is the professional oven that guarantees high performance cooking and mobility that is unprecedented in the category.

The internal capacity allows the baking of 4 pizzas at time or dishes in trays of various shapes and sizes. Suitable for cooking any type of dish that can be monitored from the door glass ceramic. Its four wheels give you the possibility to move it laterally, in case of need, to different points of the room.

The flue and chiminey top in the photos are demonstrative. They are not included with the oven and are sold separately as accessories.

LPG and Methane gas versions available.

The wood fired oven version available in September 2015.


  Quattro pro wood Quattro pro LPG Quattro pro Methane
Minutes to heat up 30 10 10
No. of pizzas at a time four four four
Number of pizzas in 60 minutes 60 60 60
Average consumption 4,5 kg/h 1,35 kg/h 1,80 m3/h
Bread baking (Kg) 4 4 4
Floor area (mq) 0,54 0,47 0,47
Cooking floor (cm) 90x60 78x60 78x60
Flue (cm) ∅ 18 ∅ 18 ∅ 18
Width (cm) 115,0 115,0 115,0
Depth (cm) 89,0 89,0 89,0
Total height (cm) 160,0 160,0 160,0
Mouth width (cm) 64,0 64,0 64,0
Mouth height (cm) 22,0 22,0 22,0
Available colours
  • Corten
  • Corten
  • Corten
Maximum temperature (°C) 450 450 450
Weight (Kg) 225,0 225,0 225,0
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