Ciao Pizza Oven

Ciao Wood Fired Pizza Oven

The Ciao features the same refractory floor as used in professional ovens. The stainless steel dome allows the cooking chamber to rapidly reach operating temperature and the Ceramic fibre insulation maintains long-lasting warmth and cuts down wood consumption to a minimum. The wide trademark oven door characterizes the whole Award Leisure Oven family.

The Ciao is simple to use - thanks to our unique technology, and also easy to move around - thanks to the large wheels, the new Ciaos are perfect for cooking pizza, bread, roasts, grills, earthenware dishes and desserts ... everything that you love to cook with a traditional oven, with the healthiness and genuineness that only wood cooking can offer. Naturally, without compromising on our trademark design.

Delivery Price: £90

£ 995


  • From the innovative design, the Ciao family features stainless steel parts and panels, treated with powder coating, resistant to high temperatures.
  • The roof of the oven is made entirely of stainless steel, which allows it to reach high temperatures in a few minutes with the use of little amounts wood.
  • The cooking floor is made of interchangeable hollow refractory tiles with a thickness of 3 cm, which store heat and transmits it to the food being cooked.
  • The ceramic fibre insulation is isolated within the oven keeping the heat inside the cooking chamber.
  • All Award Leisure ovens have a pyrometer, which indicates the temperature in the cooking chamber, allowing easy and direct control of heat and cooking temperatures.
  • The door, equipped with a large comfortable to grip handle, allows you to control the fire inside the oven by easily adjusting the draft.
  • The lower shelf located just below the combustion chamber can be used to either help maintain foods at a constant temperature or to leave dishes to rest when they are taken out of the oven.
  • Our Ciao arrives at your home ready to be used. Just put in the flue and assemble the legs and wheels with a few screws. Easy!


Minutes to heat up 15
No. of pizzas at a time three
Number of pizzas in 15 minutes 9
Bread baking (Kg) 2
Average consumption (Kg/h) 2,5
Floor area (mq) 0,4
Cooking floor (cm) 72x43
Flue (cm) ∅ 12,0
Width (cm) 91
Depth (cm) 65
Total height (cm) 194
Weight (Kg) 90,0
Mouth width (cm) 55,0
Mouth height (cm) 20
Available colours
Maximum temperature (°C) 400