Calore Pizza Oven


It is the wood-fired oven for homes that directly cooks and warms the house with its built-in ventilation system.

While the wood-fired oven for indoor use Calore cooks dishes on naked flames, you merely press a button for internal fans to instantly spread warm air in the house. The two fans warm up the surrounding environment. Hot air can be channelled into neighbouring rooms through the two vents (located at the top and at the back). It is exceptionally useful in winter to increase domestic warmth, thus reducing heating costs. The cooking surface is made of refractory material. The stainless steel dome is studied to rapidly reach the desired temperature and maintain long-lasting warmth.

This wood-fired oven is fitted with a highly functional fall-front professional door that is extremely convenient and offers a broad view. The spacious shelves are designed to hold all necessary accessories for wood-fired cooking, ranging from wood to cooking accessories.


Fan wattage: 13 KW

Heatable surface: 50 sqm??

Fan capacity: 125 sqm/h x 2

Tilt the hinge door downwards to have a ledge for dishes. The external door handle never gets heated. Moreover, it is ergonomic. The glass ceramic, resistant to high temperatures, allows to check the progress of cooking at a glance. The Calore oven is designed for easy moving. The fully removable base reduces weight for easy moving. The built-in rear castors are designed for easy handling of the oven. Hence, you can quickly and easily move and station it wherever you wish. It comprises stainless steel and powder coated parts that are resistant to high temperatures.>/

The cooking surface is made of two layers of interchangeable refractory tiles. The refractory tiles store heat and convey it from the bottom upwards to food for cooking. The stainless steel dome is studied to reach high temperatures while consuming very little wood. Ceramic fibre insulation ensures long-lasting warmth inside the oven. Calore presents a visible pyrometer, a reliable device to check combustion chamber temperature. The convenient wood compartment located at the bottom of the oven guarantees neatness and cleanliness.

The multipurpose compartment is essential to have all necessary accessories within reach for every preparation. The oven is fitted with a flue cover that stylishly protects the user from the hot flue.

The TOP version is available (devoid of the base).


Minutes to heat up 20
No. of pizzas at a time three
Number of pizzas in 15 minutes 12
Bread baking (Kg) 4
Average consumption (Kg/h) 6
Floor area (mq) 0,40
Cooking floor (cm) 80X50
Flue (cm) ∅ 18,0
Width (cm) 90,0
Depth (cm) 78,0
Total height (cm) 158,0
Weight (kg) 185,0
Mouth width (cm) 58,0
Mouth height (cm) 19,0
Available colours
  • Pearl
  •  Antique red
Maximum temperature (°C) 400