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990 Awning

Markilux 990

Space: tiny | Elegance: big | Popularity: enormous

Small and compact. Perfect to fit at wall or at ceiling. Minimizing size and weight due to u-shaped front profile that encompasses elegantly both folding arms and roller tube: the markilux 990 is an ideal friend for balcony and patio. Last, not least because of its many choices – markilux 990 offers operation via round steel-link chain or via bionic tendon elbow joints, a broad variety of fabrics, intelligent accessories for perfect convenience. Only the sun does not (yet) come as an additional extra.


Markilux Planet

The innovative awning shield

Just as a planet moves around the sun, the markilux planet in flex version can be pivoted to 335 degrees.

The Easy Go pivot/lever mechanism ensures easy adjustment.

The markilux planet with its unique optics provides an ideal design element for your favourite place in the garden.

Planet Awning
ES-1 Awning

Markilux ES-1

The patio and balcony awning

The only awning in the world completely made of semi-matte brushed V4A stainless steel!

The elegant, strong gas piston-tensioned arms ensure particularly good cover tautness - even when the awning is only partially extended.


Markilux Pergola 210

The stable awning system

Stylish atmosphere outdoors is a trend that has prevailed in the past years already for high-quality garden furniture and garden and patio accessories. Inside and outside are slowly morphing into each other.

Whoever is used to spend time in stylish surroundings would also like to turn his living space outdoors into an oasis of wellbeing.

Millboard Weathered Oak
5010 Awning

Markilux 5010

The patio and balcony awning

The new design has shown itself to be modern and exclusive - from the cassette right through to the fixture brackets. The shape of the cassette is clear, classically modern and without superfluous decoration. The strong folding arms with different upper and lower arm lengths give the awning great stability and the cover superb tautness when the awning is fully extended. All screws and basic components are made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel.