BBQ Huts

14m BBQ Hut

If you need something bigger than our 10m² BBQ Cabin, but haven’t got the room for a 17m², the 14m² BBQ Cabin might be the one for you.

This large timber BBQ Hut is incredibly versatile. It’s great for larger gatherings and parties but, because of its size you can have this beautiful, extraordinary cabin for any use you can think of!

Our customers have used them for home gyms, hot tub rooms, garden offices, artist studios, sewing rooms and enviable man caves and teenage dens. What will you use yours for?


  • Seats 21
  • Sleeps 4
  • Handmade in the UK from the best sustainable Arctic pine
  • 4 double glazed, secure, opening windows
  • Double glazed, secure door fitted with a mortice lock
  • Central BBQ Grill
  • A table fitted around the grill
  • Top quality shingle roof
  • Full timber floor
  • Snuggly reindeer skins and accessory pack included